If you’re looking for a place to stay near Petra, there are many options for lodging, ranging from five-star resorts to sleeping on the ground in Bedouin tents. Here are the top three places to consider:

Places to Stay Near Petra: Movenpick 

Movenpick is located near the entrance to Petra Archaeological Site. This five-star resort is a great option for staying overnight near Petra.

Places to Stay Near Petra: Petra Guest House

Located directly at the entrance to the Petra site, this four-star hotel is steps away from the archaeological site and has great views of the mountains from the rooms.  

Places to Stay Near Petra: The Ammarin Bedouin Camp

For the more adventurous traveler, the Ammarin Bedouin Camp is located near Little Petra. Operated by a family of the local Ammarin Bedouin tribe, this camp gives you a real Bedouin experience sleeping in goat-hair tents and enjoying authentic Jordanian meals. There is also an option of a camel trek and hike into the back entrance of Petra with a local guide from the Ammarin tribe.