1. The Jordanian People

Hiking Jordan Ajloun Tour

Jordanian people love people. As a foreigner, you feel and receive a sense of community that makes you feel at home right away. Each person you meet has wise insight to give, and a kind heart to serve.


2. The Jordanian People

Bedouin men in Wadi Rum Jordan Tour

One mention is not enough. As you travel through Jordan to various sights, take time to talk with your guides about their families and love for their jobs.

3. The Jordanian People!

Mustachioed Arab man with son - Jordan tour

Talk to as many people as you can when you visit Jordan. They will invite you in and treat you with great love and respect, no matter where you come from or who you are.

4. Petra


This is a given. Petra was named a New Seven Wonder of the World in 2007 and has been an increasingly popular world destination since. Book with a personal guide who can walk you through the history of the ancient city. The city and its people will blow you away. Tip: Hike into Petra from the back and avoid the crowds and large tour groups.

5. Jordanian Hospitality


Jordanian culture is rooted in a deep love for hospitality. You will be greeted warmly by locals and treated like royalty in their homes. It is said that you can walk up to any Bedouin tent and you will be welcomed into their family and taken care of with every need. It is even said that traditionally, Bedouins will not ask you any personal questions until you’ve stayed in their home for three days. They want you to feel as comfortable and at home as possible.

6. Amman


Amman is a beautiful city, rich with culture and history. Make sure to visit the historic downtown, the Citadel and have some fun in the evenings in any of the cool places on Rainbow Street.

7. Falafel


Falafel is a traditional Middle Eastern food made from ground balls of deep-fried chickpeas. They are served many different ways, such as in Pita bread, on salads, or alone as a snack. What you really need to know about falafel is that it’s delicious. Try it as a Sandwich from Al Quds Falafel on Rainbow Street for some of the best falafel in Amman.

8. Hummus


Hummus is a staple of Jordanian cuisine. Served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can quite literally enjoy hummus all day long.

9. Jordanian Tea

being served mint tea - hospitality in Jordan

As part of Jordanian hospitality, sweet tea is served in most homes when there are visitors, and has been referred to as “Bedouin wine” by some tribe members. It is also the main drink offered in most restaurants and cafes around Jordan. Teas are served with a variety of different flavors or spices, such as mint or thyme.

10. Camels


Jordanian history speaks to the importance of camels in trade and daily life, and today is no exception. Riding a camel is an experience you’ll never forget and let’s be honest, they’re just cool animals.

11. Green


Your first thought of Jordan may be sand and deserts, but much of the country is full of beautiful greenery, especially if you are visiting in the spring.

12. Stars in Wadi Rum


The Wadi Rum desert is best known for its red sand and Mars-like appearance, but the most unforgettable aspect of the Wadi Rum may be stargazing at night. Take a night to camp with a guide in a secluded area in the desert and experience the silent, expansive beauty of night at the Wadi Rum.

13. Floating in the Dead Sea


As the lowest land elevation in the world, the Dead Sea is famous for its salt-saturated water that you can naturally float in. Take some time to relax at the beaches of the Dead Sea, and stay in any of the many beautiful resorts located there.

14. Jordan’s History

walking among the columns in Jerash - Jordan Tour

Whether it’s Roman, Biblical, Bedouin or Islamic, Jordan is rich with sites displaying a long history of world development. See the Citadel in Amman, visit the baptism site of Jesus Christ, the ancient city of Petra and various mosques around the country to really soak in the centuries of history on display.

15. Local Olives


Jordan is one of the largest producers of olives in the world, so olives are of high quality and great quantity in Jordan. If Olive it, you’ll love it too.

16. Fresh Fruit


It doesn’t get much more fresh than eating right from the source. We pulled apricots off of this tree to enjoy and they were wonderfully tart and tasty.

17. Hookah

Smoking hookah is a popular social activity in Jordan. Hookah is sold in most stores, and cafes to smoke in are prevalent in bigger cities such as Amman.

18. Bedouin Culture

1268437_724790654205138_1194137454_o (1)

Jordanian hospitality finds its roots in Bedouin hospitality. Staying overnight with a Bedouin tribe is a relaxing time where all of your needs are well taken care of.

19. Comfy/Inviting Living Rooms


Expect to sit on the ground in someone’s home in Jordan. Living rooms like the one shown are surrounded by comfy pillows, giving the perfect environment to enjoy each other’s company.

20. Fruit Juices


A refreshing drink during hot summer days, many fruit drinks are popular throughout Jordan. Try a lemon with mint, a kiwi with lemon, or a watermelon juice!

21. Eating Style


Sharing a meal looks different in every country. From our experiences in Jordan, meals are shared either at a low table or on the floor, sitting so that the bottoms of your feet are not showing. All meals are served with bread, and most meals will include hummus and olives. Know that the more you eat of a host’s food, the more you are showing them how much you love their hospitality and are enjoying yourself.

22. Bedouin Coffee

Bedouin man grinding coffee Wadi-Rum-Tour-76

Another sign of hospitality, it is customary to be served Bedouin coffee upon arrival into someone’s home. Usually, this is a small amount of coffee with cardamom that is to be drunk in three drinks. If you are finished and do not want more, you hold it out and shake the cup to signify you are finished. If you would like more, it is customary to hold the cup out still to show your host you would like a refill.

23. The Views


Climb any mountain or area throughout Jordan to see the beautiful views the country has to offer. This spot in Little Petra claimed to be the “Best View in the World.”

24. Bedouin Scarves


There are various ways to wear a Bedouin scarf based on the kind of activity you will be doing, but ask a local Bedouin to show you how to tie them! It can keep your head cool and make you look more like a local.

25. The Jordanian People


What makes Jordan rich in culture and an exciting place to go starts and ends with its people. The people are the cornerstone of all that makes Jordan beautiful, and sitting and talking with them is the best way to engage the culture in Jordan.

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