If you assume Jordan is hot, dry, and sunny, you would be correct… about 30% of the time! There are four seasons in Jordan and the weather directly impacts what you can do and what you should wear. Use this weather guide to help you pack and prepare.

Winter Weather in Jordan: (mid)November-February

Heavy rains arrive in the wintertime and temperatures range from around 30 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, occasionally dipping below freezing, causing brief hailstorms.

If you’re traveling to Jordan during the winter, it is important to keep in mind that rain can lead to flash floods, resulting in road closures and dangerous conditions, particularly for outdoor adventure activities. Authorities may close Petra if there is significant precipitation or snow. Keep an eye on the weather reports, heed the warnings of local officials, do not hike in inclement weather, and if you are booking any hiking tours in the wintertime, be sure you are travel with guides and tour operators that obey warnings and closures.

Many buildings are not insulated or heated, and tents—such as Bedouin camps in Little Petra and Wadi Rum—can be incredibly cold in the winter. Pack appropriate cold-weather clothing, a beanie, scarf, and waterproof outerwear.

  • Average winter temperature in Amman: 55° F
  • Average winter temperature at the Dead Sea: 65° F
  • Average winter temperature in Petra:  50° F

Spring Weather in Jordan: March-Aprilumbrellas covering a street in Amman Jordan

This is a lovely time to visit Jordan. The rains slow down, the temperature starts to rise to a comfortable level around mid-March, and wildflowers begin to bloom (especially in the north — this is a perfect time to hike part of Abraham’s path, which has recently become part of the Jordan Trail). Evenings are still chilly but the days tend to be sunnier without being scorching hot yet. The temperature ranges from around 45 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a desirable time to visit Jordan, so you should expect peak season prices and larger crowds at popular sites. It’s best to book in advance; tours and hotels do fill up during the high season.

  • Average spring temperature in Amman: 62° F
  • Average spring temperature at the Dead Sea: 76° F
  • Average spring temperature in Petra:  65° F

Summer Weather in Jordan: May-August

Summertime is as you might expect: hot, dry, and sunny. Temperatures in Amman are generally 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit and in the south—where Petra, Wadi Rum, and Aqaba are located—can creep over 100 degrees.

It’s wise to pack lightweight, breathable clothing, sun protection, and a reusable water bottle to keep you hydrated. Despite the high daytime temps, this is still a popular time for travelers taking advantage of the summer holidays. Beat the heat by scheduling your outdoor activities for early morning or late afternoon and try to spend midday hours resting (this is a great time for a spa treatment!) or doing an activity indoors or in the shade, such as lunch with a local family.

  • Average summer temperature in Amman: 80° F
  • Average summer temperature at the Dead Sea: 89° F
  • Average summer temperature in Petra:  82° F

Autumn Weather in Jordan: September-(mid)November

The weather takes a pleasant turn in autumn when nights become cooler once again. Temperatures range from around 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the heavy winter rains haven’t yet arrived. You’ll need a sweater, fleece, or jacket if you’re visiting Jordan in autumn. Much like spring, the comfortable weather is ideal for outdoor exploration, which means high season prices and crowds are in effect. Something else happens in autumn, too: olive harvesting. An olive harvest tour is an excellent option to escape the crowds and connect with locals in northern Jordan.

  • Average fall temperature in Amman: 68° F
  • Average fall temperature at the Dead Sea: 84° F
  • Average fall temperature in Petra:  70° F

The weather can change and the above information is intended only as a guide not a guarantee, be sure to check the forecast before you depart using a weather resource such as Arabia Weather.