Many people want to know if it is safe to visit Jordan today.

All of us are listening to the news and are aware of what is happening in the countries all around Jordan today (some of us are even getting ‘Breaking News’ notifications!).

Unfortunately, the perception in the West is that all of the countries in the Middle East are dangerous and not safe for travelers.

This could not be further from the truth.  As we regularly assess the internal situation of Jordan and evaluate the impact on safe travel for our valued guests, I would like to briefly update you on Jordan’s safety in regards to tourism and visitors to the country.

We Live Here!

Engaging Cultures Travel has American staff who live in Jordan with their families; and I’m one of them. We are confident in the current safety of the country enough that we have our kids here, going to schools here, traveling the country with us.  We go through our daily lives without a worry of our (or our kids’) lack of safety.   We wouldn’t be planning a trip to the olive groves with our kids next month if we had any thoughts of their being in danger in any way.

The safety and security of our guests is our main priority, therefore, we design creative itineraries with careful attention to safety.  We do this, so you can feel good about traveling and can experience the fullness of Jordan while here.  We would advise our travelers not to come to Jordan if the internal situation here would affect their safety.  Because we live in Jordan, we are able to work closely with locals, local suppliers, and Tourist Police in order to assure the safety of traveling throughout Jordan.

It is not only us who care about your safety, Jordan as a country also takes great care to protect its vital tourism industry and ensure the safety of its visitors.  We assess the safety of our travelers everyday, so they can be confident that if anything would ever affect their safety while touring Jordan, they would be the first to be made aware.

Currently Hosting Groups!

We have people touring the country and hear nothing from them in regards to safety or the country being in danger because of what is happening around Jordan.  It is even quite the opposite.  Our travelers find a country that is extermely welcoming and safe despite what is happening in neighboring countries. As we evaluate our guests’ experience and insights during their tour, we often ask them, already knowing the answer, if they feel safe.  Though safety is one of their top priorities too, their answers only reflect a sense of complete realization that the situation on the ground in Jordan is not how it is perceived or communicated by watching the regional news.  They often comment that they feel safer here than their own cities.

Come to Jordan!

All this to say, I would come tour Jordan, meet the great people of Jordan, have a life changing experience, and return home telling your friends.

If you have any questions in regards to travel and Jordan being safe, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be happy to give you an up to minute assessment of what it’s like for travelers.  No strings attached – even if you are not traveling with us!

*We hitchhiked the length of Jordan at the beginning of the ‘Arab Spring’; and would do it again tomorrow.  Read about it here to see the answer to the question: “is Jordan safe?”