The northern region of Jordan has a beautiful landscape, full of rolling hills and olive tree farms. Unfortunately, most people traveling in Jordan rarely go further north than the Roman ruins at Jerash, or at best only go so far as the crusades era Ajloun Castle. Here are things to do in northern Jordan.


Hike Through the Hill Country of Northern Jordan

For the adventurous hiker, there are a number of hiking trails through the hill country of northern Jordan. Socially conscious travelers looking to make a positive impact through their visit can partner with the Zikra Initiative for a new village experience that will provide visitors with education about the area they are visiting. All proceeds booked through Engaging Cultures for this experience will go to support the Zikra Initiative and community development in local villages.


Learn How to Cook a Jordanian Dish in a Local Village

Some villages near Jerash welcome visitors for an authentic Jordanian lunch prepared by locals. You can schedule a local lunch into your visit. This experience not only benefits the traveler by getting around locals who can teach them about life in Jordan, it also gives money directly to local communities instead of the big tourism companies.

foreign girl - Ajloun Jordan Olive Harvest

Join in the Olive Harvest

Time your trip for harvest time, and you can join in the olive harvest. Olive farming is one of the biggest sources of income for the agricultural communities in northern Jordan. Joining in the harvest is an incredible, hands-on way to learn about and connect with the people of this area.

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Do an Overnight Homestay in a Local Village

If you really want to immerse yourself in the local culture, you can actually do an overnight homestay with a local family. You can walk in the shoes of the locals of northern Jordan, explore their village, learn to cook authentic Jordanian dishes, and stay up late drinking tea, laughing together and exchanging stories as you learn about each others’ lives and cultures.

The northern region of Jordan is a must for any trip to Jordan. It’s a beautiful area, only outshone by the wonderful people who call it home.

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