Lonely Planet has produced quality travel advice on Tunisia since 2001, consistently revising their travel books and web information. When I read their travel material, I really get a sense that the authors feel they’ve found a gem in Tunisia (as I have!) -the sites, the people, and the culture. I was pleased to find that Lonely Planet recently named Tunisia its Top Value Destination for 2015. I fully agree with their pick, and here are my reasons why:

1) Restored sense of security: Last year Tunisia might not have even made the list because of some turmoil that left many concerned. The past year, Tunisia has done a superb job of restoring security throughout the country. Its peaceful elections on October 26th have been praised by many, and highlight the fact that travelers can confidently come again.

2) Great diversity: Tunisia is about the size of England (or the state of Illinois), yet you can have a diverse trip in 10 days. On a recent tour, we went from staying in bustling downtown Tunis to sleeping under the stars in the Sahara in a matter of days. Tunisia’s high diversity relative to its size is another reason why you can get more bang for your buck.

3) New products: Tunisia’s move to a more democratic environment has encouraged creative entrepreneurs in various sectors, including tourism. This has led to some interesting new products for travelers, such as the Mornag Eco-Farm or the Kenza Hotel in Chenini. Many of these products are made with ecology in mind, and remain very affordable for the visitor.

4) It really is a good value: With a cafe latte priced at $1.00, a good meal for $7.00, most taxi rides under $5, and a good hotel room for 2 for $50, Tunisia really is a good value for travelers coming from the US or Europe. You don’t have to have a big bank account to enjoy a trip in Tunisia!

2015 looks like a promising year for tourism in Tunisia. Have you been thinking about a trip? Let Engaging Cultures organize a tour for you!

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