The Magon Circuit is helping to put Tunisia’s wine region on the map for travelers seeking an itinerary that highlights history and culture. Here are 4 reasons to consider visiting a winery during your travels in Tunisia.

Learn About History in Tunisia’s Wine Region

Winemaking is an interesting part of Tunisia’s past. Nearly 2,500 years ago, the ancient Carthaginian writer Mago wrote extensively about his knowledge of viticulture. After Mago’s time, grape cultivation continued. Today it’s an important industry in Tunisia. Unlike other historical sites, there are no ancient ruins to help bring the story to life. Instead, it’s the present-day vineyards that attest to the long tradition of grape cultivation and wine-making in Tunisia.

Take a Break From the City in Tunisia’s Wine Region

After a few days in the busy city of Tunis, you’ll appreciate traveling around the countryside. The air is fresher, the pace of life is slower, and the scenery is beautiful.

To make the most of your day trip, consider combining a visit to a winery with another nature activity in the region. If you visit a winery in the Grombalia area, you would have time to travel to Korbous to bathe in the hot springs or go for a walk down to its lovely cove. Or if you’re at a winery in the Mornag area, you could visit the Mornag Eco-Farm. There you can learn from Amine Draoui about Mediterranean plants and the sustainable farming practices his team is promoting through the eco-farm.

There are many other options in the region, and a day out in the nature will be a memorable part of your Tunisia tour.

Experience Mediterranean Culture in Tunisia’s Wine Region

From its cuisine, to its climate, to its warm and passionate people, the influences of Mediterranean culture are present no matter where you are in Tunisia. For many travelers, a vineyard is the most prominent symbol of the Mediterranean region. What better way to experience Mediterranean culture than learning about grape cultivation at a winery and tasting a variety of wines?

Get Off The Beaten Path in Tunisia’s Wine Region

If your style is to get off the beaten path to areas where you’ll see few other travelers, Tunisia’s wine region is for you. You’ll be far from the sites that cater to mass tourism. You’ll see a working winery in a region that’s more traditional than the resort areas. And although it’s off the beaten track, the region is easily accessible from cities where you’ll likely travel anyway, such as Tunis or Sousse.

Visit Tunisia’s Wine Region

As you plan your trip to Tunisia, consider making a portion of the Magon Circuit in Tunisia’s wine region a part of your itinerary. The blend of history, culture, and nature are bound to make a visit to a winery a worthwhile part of your itinerary.

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