If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to get off the beaten path to find hidden gems that are popular with locals but remain largely unknown to tourists, you should definitely make the hot springs of Korbous part of your Tunisia itinerary. Not far off the main highway that heads out of Tunis, but far enough to be off the beaten path, the Korbous’ hot springs that flow into the Mediterranean are a popular spot with Tunisians from the capital and the surrounding region. It’s likely that you’ll head south from Tunis at some point to visit more well-known locations like Kairouan, El Jem, and the Sahara desert, so why not stop off at Korbous on your way during a morning or afternoon?

The Beauty of the Blue Mediterranean in Tunisia

When you arrive to Korbous, the beauty of the blue Mediterranean captivates you. The coast here is rocky, which means the water is crystal clear no matter what kind of weather. Besides the clear blue water, the view is also amazing. Here you get a panoramic view of Tunis, Carthage, and Sidi Bou Said just across the Gulf of Tunis about 20 kilometers away. The hills surrounding Tunis and its suburbs create the perfect backdrop to the entire scene. korbous-panoramic-view-gulf-of-tunis The cliffs around Korbous have many hot springs, but the best place to experience the view and the hot springs are at Ain Atrous, about 1.5 kilometers north of the small town of Korbous. I recommend grabbing a seat near the sea at Madame Fatiha’s family-run restaurant where you can order freshly caught sea bream, sea bass, shrimp, and other seasonal fish (they also have non-seafood options). You’ll have time for a nice walk, or just to take in the beauty of the location while your food is being prepared! table-near-the-sea-at-korbous

Enjoying the Hot Springs of Korbous

After lunch, head over to the small pools built to catch the water from the hot springs that flow out of the mountain. The hot water flows into the sea here, and bathing in it is said to have many health benefits because of the water’s natural minerals. It’s a delight to swim here in the naturally warmed sea water, especially when the Mediterranean isn’t quite warm enough to swim in otherwise. korbous-springs-flowing-into-mediterranean


Experiencing Tunisia in an Authentic Way

There’s something special about experiencing the natural beauty of Tunisia alongside Tunisians in a place that’s been left unexploited and unspoiled. In places like this, you see Tunisian life as it is away from the crowded tourist areas. The hot springs of Korbous are a fantastic place to do this, and are definitely worth your time during your Tunisia tour! swimming-at-korbous-hot-springs

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