Remarkable Jordan

On this full length 10 day Jordan tour, you don’t have to skimp on comfort to get a culturally engaging experience. Witness the classic sites and stay in the finest hotels while getting a taste of the real Jordan and her hospitable citizens.

Classic Tunisia

Hit the best spots over 9 days with Engaging Cultures’ signature cultural authenticity. Explore Tunisia’s rich history through the various UNESCO World Heritage sites, and experience the heart of Arab culture in Tunisia.

Taste Tunisia

Come taste the authentic Tunisia in this 10-day interactive culinary-themed experience featuring private cooking lessons, quiet boutique hotels, and an olive crush in a country orchard.

Engage Tunisia

Dive into our most culturally interactive Tunisian experience on this 10-day adventure! Stay overnight with a family, camp in the Sahara and get an insider’s perspective on the real Tunisia.

We Meet At The Olive Tree

Bombarded daily by images of a violent interpretation of Islam, Islamophobia is digging deeper into many Western nations.

Fear creates a chasm of distrust that keeps us far from one another. Even before we look across to the other side, we associate the other with the images we’ve seen on the news. We assume ill intent; […]

Al Ayoun, Jordan

An hour and a half northwest of Amman, the district of Al Ayoun (north of the famous Ajlun Castle) is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit.  In a country that is 90% desert, Al Ayoun is a breath of fresh air with the Mediterranean climate, ancient olive […]

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