Snow! All over the Tunisian country side. Today I am mobilizing people to donate blankets and food and will bring them to mountain villages tomorrow morning where they have the greatest need. My goal is 300 blankets. One town had three feet of snow. Most just got a dusting but the temps in the interior are well below freezing and Tunisians just aren’t prepared for this. Hoping our efforts will make a small difference.

updated 2/9/2012

Below is my friend who helped me distribute blankets and socks in the countryside today. He would ask someone walking by if there was anybody in the area who was needy and they would take us to them usually down a dirt path lined with cactus. Most of the people we visited were widows. This woman was carrying a baby on her back.  I think she will be warmer tonight.

Today we found two schools up in the mountains and gave hats, socks and blankets to the kids. I shook a lot of hands and kissed a lot of cheeks and all were like ice. Most of their families are very poor. The area needs medicine, clothing and food.  This school has no water because the pipes froze and now it is contaminated. The teachers helped identify which children belonged to the neediest families in the area.

tunisian woman standing in snow

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