I’ve been tracking Tunisian calligraffiti artist el Seed ever since he “tagged” the Jara Mosque in Gabes, Tunisia (Video).  Yes, calligraffiti not calligraphy :).

His passion for post revolution Tunisia and bringing people together through culture and art is what first caught my radar.

el Seed has a new book called ‘Lost Walls’ highlighting his work in Tunisia.

“What I would like from ‘Lost Walls’ is to give another image of Tunisia.  After the revolution people now only link the country to politics.  There has been governmental change of course, but the culture is still there, the history is still there and the focus should be on all of this beauty instead.  I want to bring people back to Tunisia to discover the heritage that is left and lost there, just like the ‘Lost Walls’. – Islamic Arts Magazine.

Check out the book and more of el Seed’s story here:  Islamic Arts Magazine.

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