This morning I learned of the bombing that took place at the Boston Marathon.  As the world was wondering who was responsible, I received the below email from a friend of mine here in Jordan:

Dear Jon,

How are you? I hope my Email find you & your family in a great health

My deep condolences for the families and hope for the people who injured to get well soon.

We all against that and i hope they will brought to the justice the people who were behind this tragic event.

Once again i hope this Email find you all well & Take Care.

Your friend,


A Washington Post article today noted, “People in the Muslim world are often keenly aware of the American reflex to associate bombing attacks on U.S. citizens with Muslim extremists. A certain routine has emerged, in which some Muslims seem compelled to make clear that they denounce the violence and consider it a violation of Islam — often even before the attacker’s religion is determined.”

As our Muslim friends are quickly saying “We are against terrorism”, I pray that our reaction as Americans to this horrific attack is not to point an accusing finger at a specific religion or people. May we stand together with them, denouncing violence and hatred of any kind.