When traveling, an opportunity often arises to do something outside your comfort zone.

At these moments, I’ve found it helpful to tell myself: “I will not be denied this experience!”… then dive in.

There are certain culinary adventures that travelers don’t often experience when on a Jordan tour. I have lived in Jordan for a while now and I have not had the opportunity to eat “kershat”… until now.

Kershat is a polarizing dish. You either love it or you hate it. There’s not much room in between.

Kershat: sheep stomach stuffed with rice, nuts and spices, then sewn up with thread and boiled.

Because this is not a common dish to serve when inviting a guest over, I had to find another locale to get this experience. After asking many local Jordanians, I discovered that Abu Musa, a restaurant in downtown Amman, is famous for serving stomach, intestines, brains, tongue, and sheep head.

Watch the video to get a taste.

“Kershat” is the plural of “Kersh”, which means stomach.  “Kersh” is also the word used to describe a man’s gut.

What unique foods have you eaten while traveling? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.