“Is this a relative?”  I ask our Jordanian host, motioning to a large portrait of a mustachioed man.  Though not on par with Panayot Hitov, his ‘stache could have given Sam Elliott a run for his money.

“That’s my brother,” replied Marwan.  “Look at that mustache…  He used to be a man!  Then his wife made him shave it into a wimpy little thing.”

Not long later, Marwan’s brother walked into the house sporting a Gomez Addams pencil mustache. Marwan continued mocking his brother’s testosteronic downgrade to his face.

In many cultures a large mustache is seen as manly.  In Jordan, especially among Bedouins, it is a masculinity barometer.

Here are a few phrases that highlight the power of the Jordanian mustache:

  • “I swear by my mustache!” (when making a promise)
  • “A falcon could land on it!” (said about a large mustache)
  • And my favorite:  “May God salute your mustache!”  (said to greet or bless someone)

If you’re planning on taking a Jordan tour, you might consider growing out your ‘stache.  Even if it’s not a falcon-worthy nesting site, your Macho-XP is sure to get a level up.

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Two of our friends from the Ammarin Bedouin tribe in Petra Jordan.

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