What is the current situation in Jordan for travelers? Is it safe to visit Jordan in 2016?

The reality in Jordan could not be more opposite than the perception portrayed by Western media. As Americans living on the ground in Jordan, we would love to help answer your questions; no strings attached.

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How can we help you travel deeper and get off the beaten path in Jordan?

We have American travel specialists living on site who speak the language, have local relationships in Jordan, and are happy to give you up to date, on the ground information about your Jordan Tour.
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I spent yesterday evening with our homestay hosts and a family of four, including two young children, who are traveling with us. Jordan is a stop on their year long trip around the world. Our evening was centered around an authentic Jordanian dinner, conversations about being global citizens, sharing stories about their travel experiences and interacting with our host family. Guess what? Not once did we talk about safety or worries about their week long adventure in Jordan. Of all the countries they are traveling to, Jordan is far from the top of the list for safety concerns.

Currently, we have a mother and daughter traveling with us who, as I write, are on their way to the float in the magical waters of the Dead Sea after two days of exploring Petra. Guess what? When I speak with them, there is no conversation about security concerns; instead, they speak of the marvel of entering Petra through the back door and how they “are probably going to drive our driver, Mohammad, crazy by the end of the week being loud together.” That’s the reality on the ground.

As we’ve said, the mainline media doesn’t do Jordan any favors (it’s one of our biggest challenges). But don’t just take our word for it, and definitely don’t take Western media’s word for it. Take Jordanian Queen Rania’s word for it!

Queen Rania has been an ambassador for education, women’s rights, interfaith relations, humanity and now tourism in Jordan. She posted the above video on her Facebook Page (Original Here) highlighting testimonials from everyday travelers in Jordan. Nothing communicates the welcoming, down to earth people of Jordan than this. As you consider your trip to Jordan, we’d recommend this video to reassure you that visiting Jordan is a wise choice.

In our most commented blog of 2015 (Is Jordan Safe to Travel 2015? Connect with local people in Jordan before you travel), we encouraged engaging travelers and global citizens to connect with local people in the destinations they are visiting to help answer their travel concerns and gain a fuller perspective in their Jordan travel planning. We would love to help connect you with the incredible people of Jordan.

Let us know what questions you have!