Travel and the Bliss of Rediscovery

Familiarity has a tendency to make our everyday experiences seem banal; a commute to work, a neighborhood park, a bag of chips… Actually, it’s difficult to imagine a bag of chips not seeming trite.

It’s only when we experience a dramatically unfamiliar place, and then return home that we are able to see with fresh […]

Al Ayoun, Jordan

An hour and a half northwest of Amman, the district of Al Ayoun (north of the famous Ajlun Castle) is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit.  In a country that is 90% desert, Al Ayoun is a breath of fresh air with the Mediterranean climate, ancient olive […]

Preserving Petra

Preserving Petra is no easy feat. After all, just because Petra has been called a city “half as old as time,” that doesn’t mean it will be around forever.

Carved some 2,000 years ago, this ancient city has managed to stay remarkably well preserved through the centuries.  What are some of the threats to The Rose […]

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