When you travel internationally, you get to throw off your own cultural trappings and experience life in a new way.  One of my favorites is eating with my hands. Granted, in the States, there are certain things that are okay to eat with your hands:  Fried chicken, pizza, the sandwich.  But when it comes to something messy, utensils become required (…ok, maybe hot wings are an exception).

Enter “mansaf,” the national dish of Jordan.  I love mansaf.  And, there is only one way to eat it: with your hand (your right one, specifically).

mansaf jameed pour

Maybe it gives my masculinity a boost.  Four or five guys, standing around one huge plate of rice and meat and bones (yes, that’s a sheep skull you’re seeing).  Pull off chunks of flesh, scoop up some rice and the yoghurt-like “jameed”, and squeeze the mixture into balls of goodness.

mansaf ball

There’s nothing like it.  Hands down, it’s my favorite food in Jordan.  And to top it off, you get to lick your fingers when it’s all done.  That’s right.  And it’s the polite thing to do.

What do you like about eating in other countries?