As an American living in Jordan, Ramadan can be a lonely time.  Many of my local friends are exhausted during the day, and busy with family in the evenings.  Occasionally, however, an invitation comes to break the fast with them. Daniel, myself, and my son recently had an amazing meal in the home of Mohammad, a friend of ours from the village of Orjan in northern Jordan.  He treated us to chicken mansaf, fresh vegetables and figs from his garden, and an abundant hospitality I’ve found nowhere else in the world.

Mohammad and his wife have hosted cooking classes for the up-scale Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, teaching hospitality students how to cook traditional Jordanian meals.  The food served in his home is always off-the-charts.  Below is a short video of our meal, and me trying to teach my son how to eat mansaf the traditional way; with his hand.

If you’re interested in taking a cooking class in Mohammad’s home (or just having a meal), let us know by clicking here.