Baklava & Hummus in Jordan

Who likes hummus?  How about layers of phyllo pastry and butter?

British-Jordanian actress and 2007 winner of Celebrity MasterChef, Nadia Sawalha, gives us an overview of how to prepare baklava and hummus in this video by the Jordan Tourism Board.

Do you have a favorite food experienced during your travels?

Eating Kershat in Jordan

When traveling, an opportunity often arises to do something outside your comfort zone.

At these moments, I’ve found it helpful to tell myself: “I will not be denied this experience!”… then dive in.

There are certain culinary adventures that travelers don’t often experience when on a Jordan tour. I have lived in Jordan for a while now […]

35 Tomatoes in Jordan

35 Tomatoes, 69 Cucumbers, 37 Oranges, & 60 Cookies.  A total of 201 items.

We recently invited our friend Mohammad and his family (three daughters & his wife) to our house for lunch.  Our experience living in Jordan has proven that Jordanians are some of the most generous and hospitable people.  The personal stories of generosity […]

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