After the release of the critically acclaimed film The Martian, shot on location in Wadi Rum, the Jordan Tourism Board released the above video where an imaginative little American girl travels to Mars on her family vacation to Jordan. Often used in Hollywood films as the Mars location, Wadi Rum has made quite an impression on director Ridley Scott. Scott, who also filmed in Wadi Rum for his 2012 Prometheus, had this to say:

“We shot exteriors at Wadi Rum [in Jordan]. To me, it’s the Eighth Wonder of the World. It’s incredible. It’s only about 100 square miles [259 square kilometers]. And I didn’t do anything but shoot it at the right time, from the right positions, then added a bit of red dust to everything. So our film world looks pretty accurate — at least I’m hoping Mars looks a little like that.” – Ridley Scott

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