Tunisia gets over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, which makes it a good bet that you’ll be able to soak up some sun, regardless of when you plan your trip. It can be frustrating when the weather doesn’t seem to have our itinerary in mind. Luckily you can follow these 5 tips for dealing with bad weather on your Tunisia tour.

5 tips for dealing with bad weather on your Tunisia tour

Maybe there’s a rain storm blowing in off the Mediterranean. Maybe there’s a sandstorm in the desert (like in the photo above). Or maybe the temperatures are so high that you need to limit your sun exposure. While a variety of weather scenarios might force you to change your plans, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay in your hotel room all day.

Here are 5 tips to help you prepare in advance and go with the flow when you encounter bad weather on your tour in Tunisia.

 1. Live like a local on your Tunisia tour:

Sometimes on trips we forget that many of the places we visit are home to the locals from that city. If the weather forces you to change the plan, think of doing something the way a local would do it. It makes your memory of that place more unique and allows you to get a glimpse of the local perspective.

  • Experience the “jaw” (spirit or atmosphere) at a local cafe to wait out a rain storm or the heat of the day. Discover your favorite way to enjoy Coffee Culture in Tunisia.
  • Go get a haircut at a local hajaam (barber shop) or hajaama (salon).
  • If possible, ask a local how they would enjoy the rainy day and maybe take them up on their suggestion.

2. Rearrange your Tunisia sightseeing:

If unfavorable weather is in the forecast, think about doing tours of things like souqs, medinas, or museums where there are covered areas, and save your brilliant sunshine for beach days or sightseeing in open areas. Though some shops may be closed, you will likely still enjoy these types of locations and can save the better weather for more exposed areas and sightseeing.

Alhambra inspired architecture is one of the many things you can enjoy when bad weather happens on your Tunisia tour.

Intricate details of the Ennejma Ezzahra Palace in Sidi Bou Said Tunisia.

3. Rest and recuperate:

While travel is exhilarating, it also can be exhausting. Taking a day to rest and recuperate can make the rest of your trip more engaging and meaningful. Hot tip: Make sure you and your travel partners are on the same page about how to prioritize days off, as everyone sees travel a little differently. Check out our “What’s Your Tour Style? blog to get that conversation started.

Bad weather and Tunisia are not often paired together but when lightning strikes and can give you a chance for a great capture.

Lighting strike near Sousse and Monastir Tunisia.

4. Seize the moment and capture dramatic photography:

For travelers who love taking photos, cloudy and stormy weather can actually make for better shots. If you get a day with rain or heavy clouds in Tunisia, it’s a great opportunity to get more interesting photos of outdoor sites and even street photography. (Bonus tip: Keep it safe. Don’t take your storm tracking too far and get hurt. Also, never attempt to take photos of police officers, national security officers or government buildings as in Tunisia and many places globally this is prohibited.)

5. Experience Tunisia via slow travel:

Sometimes we over-book our schedule. We want to see everything. Opportunities to change the schedule and slow down can open the door for new experiences and ways to soak up local culture. Whether that is taking more time in an indoor site or taking a drive that would not normally be on your itinerary, choose to travel differently and enjoy the new perspective and experience.

Even though summer months along the coast see an average of 11 hours of sunshine per day and winter sees 6 hours, being prepared for whatever you receive is key. It’s allows you to make the most of each day of your adventure.  Make sure to review average weather statistics for the cities you’ll be visiting. And if you are traveling to Tunisia check out our “Weather in Tunisia” blog for more advice.

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