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Travel is a transformative and powerful experience.

Building bridges between cultures and communities creates a more innovative, collaborative, and inspired world.


We are committed to creativity, authenticity and excellence; not mass production.

We are committed to compassionately identifying with others; bringing dignity and honor to people and their cultures; not passing judgment.

We are committed to seeking deeper understanding and helping others come to new realizations and perspectives along with us.

Don’t mess it up, make it better. We are committed to preserving the cultural and natural resources of host communities and empowering people to have opportunities that improve their lives.

Private Tours – Jordan, Tunisia, Palestine & Egypt

Transformative travel experiences help you on your journey by changing the way you see the world, your neighbor, and yourself. Not only is the Middle East and North Africa home to some of the most remarkable sites in the world, the people are some of the most welcoming.

Our world has been shaped by the cultures and innovations born in these countries and we are honored to be the channel through which our guests can get to know this people and their nation.

Our expatriate staff have lived in the region for decades. They speak the language, have real relationships with your guides and hosts, and will personally handcraft your private tour drawing from their deep local knowledge and relationships.

What People Are Saying

Tired of the tourist bus bubble? Want to interact with locals and learn about their lives and culture? Then engage with Engaging Cultures!

Kathy, USA

I can say without exaggeration that the week-long itinerary put together for my group by Engaging Cultures was among the best travel experiences of my life.

Rob, USA

This has been the most profound journey we have had to date. We got a compete inside scoop on the country and it’s people and they are wonderful, warm, friendly and extremely hospitable. It would not have been possible to experience it this way had it not been with your company. You guys never made us feel like just another customer but always made us feel like the only and most important customer.

Di, Australia
We can strongly recommend this Company for an engaging and interesting tour. I doubt that it is possible to see so much and interact with the local and very friendly population at such competitive prices in one short week. We were pleasantly surprised that we were able to so much of this interesting and varied country with the time span of almost a week! The tour was varied, interacting with the local people and scenery!
Christopher, UK

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