My son is being immersed in a life and culture different than his mom and I were raised.  Unlike my childhood, he is an American minority attending school among Jordanian friends.

He attends a preschool in Amman, Jordan doing what 4 year olds do. His days are filled with story-time, learning new songs, and playing on the playground everyday after lunch. Just like your child, he brings home pictures we are proud to put on our refrigerator.

He has no idea what happened a few weeks ago in Pakistan. Earlier this year in Gaza. The last several years in Syria.

I hope the news headlines of his generation are not dominated by violence, hatred, and fear. I hope his generation brings forth peace, tolerance, and love for others.

My son brought home a picture he drew at school this week. When asked what the picture is by his teacher, he said, ‘This is Mohammed and he is happy.’

We can draw our own conclusions on what socio-cultural, religious background his friend is from. But my son doesn’t care. It’s our responsibility to keep it this way for my son, and Mohammed.

How do we raise a generation not to hate? How do we move into a new year? I think this picture by a 4 year old speaks volumes and is good soil to cultivate.

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