Undershirts and Tuna: 5 Behaviors Foreigners Should Avoid in Jordan

5 Behaviors Foreigners Should Avoid When Traveling in Jordan

Do you ever wish someone would just tell you directly if you’ve embarrassed or offended them?

In Jordan, you will rarely find that someone.

Chances are, they will discuss our behaviors with others, but most would rather not share with you directly if something you have done is considered […]

35 Tomatoes in Jordan

35 Tomatoes, 69 Cucumbers, 37 Oranges, & 60 Cookies.  A total of 201 items.

We recently invited our friend Mohammad and his family (three daughters & his wife) to our house for lunch.  Our experience living in Jordan has proven that Jordanians are some of the most generous and hospitable people.  The personal stories of generosity […]

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