Local Market Visit & Cooking Class, Sousse Tunisia – Day Experience

Visit Sousse’s local food market (souq) with your host Madame Rabba to experience everyday shopping in the old city. Head back to Madame Rabaa’s kitchen to prepare a Tunisian meal together and learn some of the secrets of local dishes. Conclude the day by sharing the delicious meal together.

On this tour you will…

  • Shop for fresh ingredients in Sousse’s old city

  • Participate in preparing a traditional meal in a local home

  • Share fine food and fellowship at the end of your day’s work

  • 1 Day, starting from $49/person.

I’m in!

My friend and I wanted to experience the local cuisine in Tunisia and we were so lucky to have found Engaging Cultures. Both Austin and Kevin were extremely helpful and were able to take us to Dar Omi, a bed and breakfast in Sousse. There, we spent the afternoon with Rabaa and her family where we went to the market and then cooked up a storm in the kitchen. The result was beyond expectations and I will never forget it.

Charlotte, from the USA.


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